Web Design & Development

I am now taking on development projects on a project by project basis! Please reach out via email if you have a web development project need, and I will review it and give an estimate of time and cost!

Static Site

If you are looking to promote your business, build some sort of portfolio, or simply make your mark on the world wide web; I have you covered.

I will work with you iteratively to build a design that you are happy with for a one time fee, then I will provide an estimate of time and cost.

Once we come to an agreement, I will develop and deploy the application and do a handoff.

Dynamic Site

If you have a restaurant, blog, or any other type of website where you need to continually keep the data up to date; This option is for you.

On top of the standard static site development I will configure and implement a Content Management Software which you will be able to use to update the data on your website dynamically at your convenience.

The teaching and understanding of the Content Management Software will be included in the handoff of the website.

Custom Site

If you are looking to build a more complex application as a part of your business or personal project, I am always open to designing and building something for you.

Examples of a type of project that falls under this criteria:

  • An inventory management system with database backend and integrated emailing.
  • A time estimation tool, used to enter in the average time taken for different activities and add it up to estimate a total job's time.
  • Anything you can think of!

Regardless of project I also offer a monthly fee for active support with the quickest possible response time. If we do not have a monthly agreement then I charge hourly to fix, update, or in anyway change the website if needed. I do work full-time so I will do my best to get to any work ticket as soon as possible.